Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fancy Pants Frames

Here are some awesome frames my hubby made for me!
  1. I used my silhouette to make the templates of these frames.
  2. Then, Garrett cut them out of wood and route the edges all fancy. He routed the back of the frames where the glass was gonna go.
  3. He also had to cut out the glass and the back pieces that covered the glass.
  4. Then we sanded and painted them.
  5. Next, I sanded the edges to rough them up a bit.
  6. Then, I put the hardware on the back. (Picture frame turn buttons, and sawtooth hangers)
  7. And finally we sealed them with polyurethane and hung these bad boys up!
I got my paints from Home Depot in the little tester sizes.

Here are the paint colors I used:
Gray: Glidden "Seal Gray"
Red: Martha Stewart "Maine Lobster"
Orange: Behr "Poppy Glow"
Yellow: Martha Stewart "Pencil"
Green: Behr "Japanese Fern"
Aqua: Martha Stewart "Duck's Egg"
Blue: Behr "Mosaic Tile"
Purple: Martha Stewart "Violet Aster"
Pink: Martha Stewart "Peony"
Brown: Martha Stewart "Chocolate Truffle" (I think this one got discontinued though)

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