Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cookie Exchange Invitations

I know I have been horrible at blogging but I have been kept busy by all of the birthday charts that are being ordered from my Etsy shop.  Thanks everyone that has purchased one! It has helped out little family out a lot :-)

So anyway I organized a cookie swap with some of my friends up here in Portlandia and I finally got the invitations made.  Don't worry we still have 2 days before the actual cookie exchange haha.

I made the invitations using my silhouette.  I cut out scalloped tags and oven mitts then tied it with ribbon to a Cookie spatula I got from the Dollar store.

If you have never been to a cookie exchange before the general idea of it is to hang out with your best buddies and get really fat.  Just kidding ... kinda.  Here's how we set it up:
-Everyone needs to make a different type of cookie to share.
-This year we have about 12 ladies that are doing it so we have everyone make 3 cookies to share with each person involved in the swap.  So all in all everyone will be making about 3 dozen cookies.
- Everyone brings their cookies pre-packaged in little baggies, plates, etc.
-We meet at my house to exchange all of our cookies.  Everyone should bring a bag or tray to carry all of their cookies back with them.
-Then we go out to lunch together and let the men deal with the kiddos for a couple hours ;-)
-Finally, eat a crap ton of yummy cookies!


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