Monday, October 3, 2011

Growth Ruler

Here is where I got my inspiration from. I did mine a little bit different but their way is probably much easier. I wanted to make mine fancy pants cuz I want it to be a family heirloom. I plan on marking all of my kids' heights on it annually on their birthday. I might even put their birth heights on there just for fun! I think I am just gonna use a sharpie and try and write extra nice on it! I can't claim all of the credit bcuz Garrett did all of the manly stuff like cutting and routing but I designed/thought of it and stained and did the numbers ;-)
1"x8" 6ft long piece of pine
Made an angled cut like a real ruler has (Sorry Garrett forgot the precise name of the cut)
Then routed inch and foot marks in it
Stained it with some Mini wax I think the color I used was called Provincial. It actually worked out perfectly because I thought I was gonna have to paint the lines after I stained it to make them darker and more noticeable but the stain did the job for me!
I cut out my numbers with an electronic die cutter but you could use a stencil or stickers. Then, I mod-podged them onto the board. I think I did 2-3 coats. Try not to be too messy with the mod-podge because it shows after your all done, oops ;-p
Then we sealed it with some polyurethane semi gloss, hung it up on the wall and put a little boy in front of it!
Close up of 1 & 2
Close up of 3 & 4
Close up of 5 & 6
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  1. I love it! I was excited to see how it turned out after Tim's trip to the man cave ;)

  2. I have had this on my to-do list for a year now. I was going to do the lines with vinyl, but I am loving the cut notches. I may have to copy!

  3. For the edge we just used the table saw to rip a beveled cut about an inch and a half into the board at 15 degrees

  4. So cute, it's like a giant ruler!


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