Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Recovering a Lamp Shade

I decided I would make my own lampshade because I couldn't find one that I liked and the one I currently had on my console table actually belonged in our office/baby boy's room. I used the directions from here to recover my lampshade.

Finished product
Got this lampshade from good ol' Wal-mart
ripped all of the fabric off
Used the lampshade to trace a pattern onto butcher paper. Pinned it to wrong side of fabric then cut leaving a 1/4 inch border along the top and bottom edge and about a 1 inch edge on one side to fold under at the end to have a finished edge. I attached the fabric to the shade using some spray adhesive and clear tacky craft glue.
Used some bias tape to finish the top and bottom edges. I attached it with a hot glue gun.
Love that green/blue combo. The only problem I had was that since my fabric was so geometric and the shade wasn't completely up and down I had to cut the fabric on a curve so the pattern isn't completely straight all the way around. It doesn't bug me too much though.



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