Friday, September 9, 2011

Clay Creations

Since Garrett and I are losers (well technically I am the loser because I suggested the idea) and have nothing better to do with ourselves we decided to go on a clay-mania making spree. Here is what we came up with:

Our sock monkey family ornaments. We made a blue one for baby boy even though he isn't here yet.
I have a lot of kitchen related ornaments so I made a clay oven and refrigerator to add to my collection.
Garrett made this cool chameleon ornament. This was the first time he ever made anything with clay, isn't it awesome? He is so talented at everything he does.

Robotic beings rule the world! (Flight of the Concords reference right there)
This is the deluxe clay-bot that Garrett made it is equipped with a swivel head and swivel detachable hips. The arms were suppose to be super bendy but I think we cut them too short. This one won't be going on our tree because it's gigantic so it will just have to be a toy for baby boy :-)



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