Friday, September 9, 2011

Magnetic Calendar

So there is this really cool/cheap craft store by me where I got the idea to make this calendar. It cost about 20-25$ to make. At the craft store they have these clear 12 x 12 blank calendar inserts. All it has on the calendar insert is the days of the week; it doesn't have the numbers on it. It's nice because that way you can use it for every month and year because its not fixed. So ... what I did was I painted the frame black, took out the glass, put in the calendar insert where the glass goes, then I put scrapbook paper (which you can change by month), then I put a 12 x 12 metal insert (to make it magnetic). Then, I made a bunch of little magnets and laminated them to signify holidays and events. I keep on thinking of and making new shapes everyday.

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